The Video Game

History of Desparation

First teaser of Desperation project

Desperation — is a hardcore game in the genre of arcade/sim/3D shooter. Full story line. Cool characters. Stunning locations. Dynamic gameplay. Heavy music. Standalone without monetization.

Main charcater's note for his daugther.


Main character's concept development

Main character — John Kowalski

Main character's 3D model
Age 42. Ordinary American hunky. A fighter against the system and a loving father.

Sphere Sketches

Developing of the main character's concept car with the ability to upgrade.

Sphere Final

The vechicle of death! Three tons of metal, 1200 HP (Horse Power) with a heavy machine gun and a desperate driver inside.

Bonkers Sketches

Sketch from the game's ArtBook

Sketches of «Desperation»

Full artwork composition dedicated to the history of the world of «Desperation» and its inhabitants.

Pages from the comic book will be placed between the levels of the game.

In the creating of the comic book we used photos of BR team

Motion test of the sphere


Preliminary tests of the physical model of the sphere

BR's video message to IndieGoGo

Loading screen of Desperation

Teaser of «Desperation» game

BR Studio

Black Rules is more than a game development company. It is a caste of people united by a desire to create truly interesting genre product. We will create what you will eventually love!
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